Like energy drinks?  Well, so do we…problem is we’re tired of not knowing what the hell is worth shelling out our hard earned $1.99 for and what is going to leave us licking a toilet bowl in a desperate attempt to remove a foul taste from our mouths.  This is why we have decided to take one for the team.  Our goal here is to sample EVERYTHING out there that is energy related to give you folks out in internet land an idea of what to try, and what to avoid like a dog turd on a hot day.  We aren’t promising anything other than if we get it, we’ll finish it… matter how bad it really is.  Just remember this is our opinion so if you agree with us great, if not, it happens.  Everyone has a different idea of what is good, and what is not.  We’re just trying to save you a few bucks by doing some of the leg work for you.

So who are we you ask, and why should you listen to a damn thing we have to say?  Well in short, we’re just a few dudes with a little extra time on our hands.  We are athletes, students, sys admins, computer geeks, married guys, single guys, gamers and partiers.  We are basically average guys in Austin, Texas that are for one reason or another in need of a little energy boost every so often. We started trying different stuff on the market and decided to pool our experiences into one place to keep others from making the same bad purchase we have made.

If you know of something we have not tried yet drop us an e-mail and let us know.  If you are an energy product company with something you would like to have reviewed feel free to contact us…we are always looking for new stuff.

So browse the site, see what we have to say.  We are always getting products sent to us so check back often for new reviews!






Right now the site is under pretty heavy construction…..we have big plans and LOTS of reviews that are not yet up….please bear with us as we grow and update!




****We are not should know the risks of consuming these products before you try them.  This site is based on our OPINIONS only....try at your own risk.


*****I read webMD and drink a lot so you can pretty much trust anything I say. -Chris